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Tuesday (24th) is Wesley Day. A service of Holy Communion, led by the Reverend Josette Crane, is being held at The New Room, starting at 11am.

We are having a BBQ here at church on Sunday 5th June, one of the days of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend. It will start at midday as there is no service here that day. We are hoping to be able to broadcast the pageant that is taking place in London from around 2pm but this is subject to confirmation. What I need, please, is for you to let me know if you intend coming so that I know how many to cater for. Please email me or telephone me – details at the end of this Newsletter

The Newsletter for Sunday 5th June will be prepared by Lynda Stone who can be contacted on 07541 221447 and

It has previously been announced that we will be having 3 services each in June and July and 2 in August. It was hoped that we would return to services every week from September but, for this to happen, we needed volunteers to fill various roles. Unfortunately, such has been the response, when the Preaching Plan for the Quarter beginning September is drawn up next month, we will not be having services every week. As well as the roles regrading church services, there are other roles that need filling if we are to get back to where we were pre pandemic. These are the roles and responses so far:

Downstairs Door Steward – we have 1 volunteer who is willing to do it  most weeks but would like a 2nd one to cover when that person is not available.

Upstairs Door Steward – again we have one volunteer but they are not going to do it every week so more volunteers are needed.

Vestry Steward – Helen and Peter are willing to act in this role on 2 Sundays a month. We have 2 other volunteers but need at least 2 more.

Communion Steward – we have 2 volunteers but need at least 1 more.

Serving refreshments after Sunday Worship – just 1 volunteer so far.

Saturday Coffee Morning – no volunteers yet

Saturday Lunches – just 1 volunteer.

Do Bible readings during worship – 2 volunteers.

There is a sheet at the back of the church you can complete to volunteer for one, or more, of these roles.

The Preaching Plan for June, July and August gives us services on 12th, 19th & 26th June, 10th, 17th & 24th July and 14th & 28th August. There are no services at KMC on 5th June, 3rd & 31st July and 7th & 21st August.

The service on 10th July will be our Church Anniversary and Gift Day Service and will be a Local Arrangement.

We are at the end of Christian Aid Week. For the first time in a generation, global poverty is rising. The combined effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, conflict, and drought have robbed communities of the power to provide for their children: it is unjust. Donation envelopes will be on the chaise in church on Sunday. Or you can donate on line: Christian Aid Week 2022 - Christian Aid

The Kingswood Foodbank is in need of pot noodles, soup, biscuits, chocolate,  cereal (other than corn flakes), bottles of squash, shampoo and toilet roll. Thank you all very much.

Lectionary 23rd to 30th May. Acts 16.9-15; Psalm 67; Revelation 21.10,21.22-22.5; John 5.1-9. All shall be well. This is John’s vision of hope and healing for the world. He sees God and Jesus form the Temple in the new Jerusalem, and they are the light of the world. John sees the water of life flowing clear and bright like crystal, and the tree of life bearing fruit that will bring healing to all nations. Together the tree, water and light give life to all things – a hopeful picture of the future for all humanity and all God’s creation. Written for Christians facing extreme persecution, the powerful imagery encouraged them to hang on to the promise that, in the end, light will triumph over darkness, hope over despair, and all people, nations – and indeed all of creation – will be healed and made whole: truly ‘All shall be well’. While this may seem far removed from our own world, there is much in our lives and in the world where God’s hope and healing are needed.

Another Platinum Jubilee weekend event is Staple Hill Methodist Church Flower Festival. This is being held on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th June, 10am to 4pm each day, and on Sunday 5th June, from 1pm to 5pm with a Songs of Praise at 6pm.

A Word in Time is an online Bible study hosted on the Methodist Church website. You can read the passage and reflection, consider the questions raised, and join the conversation as you journey with others. A Word in Time Bible study (

Lectionary 16th to 22nd May. Acts 11.1-18; Psalm 148; Revelation 21.1-6; John 13.31-35. What next? In this vision, John sees all things being renewed. The world of the creation story and the present day is replaced by a new world – heaven on earth. God lives among, and will be all things to, his people. This story is one of excitement and hope. Knowing the past and living the present gives great hope to John’s view of the future. We are reminded that the Lamb is the one who was and is and is to come – our lives matter in the here and now, and our work and worship are about us seeking to bring the future into the present. Our task is not only to follow Jesus to the holy city but to rebuild the city where we are, making the kingdom come everywhere and for all.

Your prayers, please, for Martin Slocombe. He is now on his 480 miles walk on the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James). He did not have the best preparations for it as he (and Helen) caught covid which was followed by a bad bout of gout! He was due to fly out last Saturday. However, EasyJet cancelled his flight from Bristol to Biarritz, which he then rebooked for Tuesday, having to change all his accommodation plans for the first 5 days. EasyJet then cancelled the rearranged flight, and he eventually flew from Gatwick on Friday (6th).

Circuit Zoom Worship. The Circuit is now holding a Zoom service at Horfield each Sunday evening at 6pm. The service can be watched live on the following Zoom link or by catch up on the Circuit Youtube account. Sunday evening Zoom link
Zoom ID : 963 4467 7789  Passcode : 520064

Link to Circuit Youtube channel


Morning Prayers. 10am, Monday to Friday, from Wesley’s Chapel in London:

Every Friday the New Room share a reflection – details can be found here: Latest News Archives - The New Room Bristol, John Wesley’s Chapel

There is a live service from Methodist Central Hall Westminster each Sunday at 11am - And also from Wesley's Chapel London at 11am  a present 

DailyHope, is a free national telephone line which offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship services from the Church of England at the end of the phone. The line – which is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 – has been set up particularly with those unable to join online church services during the period of restrictions in mind; to provide comfort and spiritual nourishment to the most isolated in our society.


The purpose of Kingswood Methodist Church is to respond to God's Love in Christ and to live out that love in God's world.