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Before any other news is mentioned, first a rumour that is circulating needs to be squashed. The rumour is that P. J. is still in the USA (where she went for a holiday and to do some research) and is not coming back, she is resigning. This is not just untrue; it is utter nonsense. P. J. is back in the country and just recently had a coffee with Helen. Far from resigning, she is taking on extra work. From next September, as well as being our Minster (and Speedwell and Made for Ever), she will also have responsibility for Potterswood, Unity Oldland and the United Church Longwell Green. The Reverend David Willis will be moving on and the Circuit has decided not to replace him.

0And whilst on the subject of rumours, you may (or may not) have heard about events at Speedwell. The majority of members there were so disappointed with the Conference vote on allowing same sex marriages to be performed in Methodist Churches that they resigned. The churches membership number is now in single figures, but they are remaining open for the time being.

If you would like to make a Harvest Festival donation to the Bristol Methodist Centre, then it needs to be done by way of a cheque (made payable to Kingswood Methodist Church, not KMC) or cash. If you would like to donate to the Kingswood Foodbank it can be by way of tins, packets etc. If you would like to donate but cannot be at Church, please contact Peter

No in person or zoom service next week (26th). Naomi will be back with us to lead the Ladies Circle Anniversary service on 3rd October.

Anyone who usually donates to JMA or gives to Eloise, Lily, Abi and Megan and have not already done so, please let Marion have a cheque (made payable to Kingswood Methodist Church, not just KMC) or cash. Thank you.

Creation Time. The Season of Creation – from 1st September to 4th October - is a wonderful time to reflect on how our lifestyles affect the environment and to make a commitment to more sustainable ways of living. Could you calculate your carbon footprint using an online calculator like this one: Ecological Footprint Calculator then do something to reduce it?

Did you know that the modern British tradition of celebrating Harvest Festival in churches began in 1843, when the Reverend Robert Hawker invited parishioners to a special thanksgiving service at his church at Morwenstow in Cornwall. Victorian hymns such as "We plough the fields and scatter", "Come ye thankful people, come" and "All things bright and beautiful" helped popularise his idea of harvest festival and spread the annual service as did Dutch and German harvest hymns in translation.

Lectionary for 19th to 25th September. Jeremiah 11.18-20; Psalm 54; James 3.13-4.3,7-8a; Mark 9.30-37. Jostling for position. In the passage, there is both literal and metaphorical movement: the physical journey towards Jerusalem and the dawning understanding by Jesus’ followers. Jesus disturbs his disciples by predicting his suffering and death. However, the disciples – whether through misunderstanding, or to avoid thinking about it – argue and jostle for position: which of them is the greatest? Calling them to order, Jesus explains that to be the greatest is to serve others. After Jesus again predicted his death and resurrection, the disciples – not understanding – argued about who was the greatest. Jesus responded with talk about the first being last and the last, first. He drew a little child into the middle of the group, saying that welcoming a child was an example of welcoming him. How might this relate to us?

A petition has been raised in an effort to get a Minor Injury Unit established at Cossham Hospital. If you would like to sign here please follow this link: Petition · Implement a Minor Injury Unit at Cossham Hospital Bristol ·

We will again be supporting the Shoebox Appeal: please let Helen know if you want a box.

Like to sing? Every Wednesday, from 2 until 4, in the Kingswood Community Centre (Great Hall), the South Gloucestershire goodafternoon choir. No auditions, just sing for fun. For more details call 01761 472468 or visit

You may have seen in the news that the Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse released a report of their investigation into Child Protection in Religious Organisations and Settings. The Secretary of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler said: “The Methodist Church welcomes today’s report, we are grateful for the work of the Chair and Panel for their consideration of the issues surrounding safeguarding and the recommendations which we hope will be of benefit to the children and vulnerable people in our churches. While it will take time for us to study today’s report, early indications are that it includes many areas where religious organisations are still failing their members and we are truly sorry for where this happens in our churches. “The report makes two recommendations: the first on policy, procedures and training and the second around legislation for unregistered institutions providing full-time education. The first recommendation largely reflects our existing policy and procedures and stresses the need for regular updates. We will examine our child protection policy along with the procedures and training as part of our ongoing cycle of learning and review to see what changes might be needed in light of the report. We will await Government advice on the second recommendation. “We note the report’s mention of a general lack of support for victims of abuse among religious organisations. We will continue to review and improve our support to victims and survivors, and we apologise where this has not happened as it should have done.”

The Bristol Schools Connection coach, train and equip churches in the Bristol region to serve their local schools and to work with them to create imaginative spaces for spiritual development. They work with individuals, church teams and leaders to build a connection with local schools which brings the two communities together and enables both to thrive. They develop a range of resources which churches can use in primary and secondary schools which are high quality and meet the curriculum and other needs of the school. One of the annual events is ‘Christmas in a Box’ which enables children to learn about what Christians believe about the characters in the story and what we can learn from them. Could we join in this as a church and/ or could you join as an individual? There is training available on these dates: Mon 27th Sept @ 1.30pm, Tues 28th Sept @ 7.30pm,Mon 4th Oct @ 7.30pm and Tues 5th Oct @ 10.30am. More information here:

Could you mentor an ex-prisoner? If so, volunteer for Sixty-One. In September the MentorMe project (run by Sixty-One) will be holding another training course for people who wish to explore if mentoring an ex-

prisoner is the right thing for them. These sessions will give you a much greater understanding of what it means to be a mentor without committing yourself to this role. You will also learn a lot about yourself, and it's great fun. Men are particularly needed! If after the course you feel that mentoring is something you would like to try, the team will explore this possibility with you. To find out more visit

Do you pray for justice issues?  It can be difficult to know where to start, or find a rhythm of prayer that works for you. The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) publishes a daily prayer for a local, national or global issue. You can access it on Facebook or have it emailed to you each day. More information can be found on the JPIT website http:///

A Community Kitchen has been established at Holy Trinity Church. It is open on Thursdays and Saturdays, from 5pm to 8pm, in the Church Hall. Hot and chilled meals are available to anyone and everyone living or working in BS15. It is a pay as you can deal although, if possible, a donation of £2.50 would be welcome. Meals can be delivered or collected. For more details visit Order by 6pm previous day by calling 01454 300186 or emailing

The New Room shares an Emmaus Service (a short services with prayers, a reading and a reflection) on Facebook on Tuesdays at 1pm. The services are also available on the New Room’s Youtube channel:

A reminder. Fund raising. Do you shop on line? Do you book travel on line? If so, if you do it via the web site easyfundraising, you can raise funds for the church at no cost whatsoever to yourself. The retailer you purchase from – and there are something like 3,700 of them - will make a donation to the church.

P. J. is on a sabbatical. She will no be available until to 30th November.

Morning Prayers. 10am, Monday to Friday, from Wesley’s Chapel in London:

Every Friday the New Room share a reflection – details can be found here: Latest News Archives - The New Room Bristol, John Wesley’s Chapel

There is a live service from Methodist Central Hall Westminster each Sunday at 11am - And also from Wesley's Chapel London at 11am  a present 

DailyHope, is a free national telephone line which offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship services from the Church of England at the end of the phone. The line – which is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 – has been set up particularly with those unable to join online church services during the period of restrictions in mind; to provide comfort and spiritual nourishment to the most isolated in our society.


The purpose of Kingswood Methodist Church is to respond to God's Love in Christ and to live out that love in God's world.